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Welcome to
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OT Enclave specializes in addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges of Operational Technology (OT) in the energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors. As your partner of choice, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, training, and consultancy services to protect and fortify critical infrastructure.

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About Us

Welcome to OT ENCLAVE, a trusted leader in OT (Operational Technology) Cybersecurity. With over 80+ years of collective experience in OT, we bring unparalleled expertise and knowledge to safeguarding critical infrastructure.

At OT ENCLAVE, our team of most experienced and certified OT Cybersecurity team, The ICP (Industrial Cybersecurity Professionals), have dedicated decades in tackling the unique challenges arising in the OT environments. Our deep understanding of IACS such as ICS, Scada, PLCs, RTUs, IEDs, BMS, Fire & Safety and all OT Systems allows us to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored specifically to your organization's needs.

With our extensive experience, we have successfully protected critical infrastructures across various sectors, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, and more. We have witnessed the evolution of OT systems and the growing threat landscape firsthand, enabling us to stay ahead of emerging risks and devise proactive strategies to mitigate them effectively.

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Below is a list of some of the dedicated services offered by OT Enclave aimed at protecting and securing OT/ICS environments from cyber threats

OT Risk Assessment and Analysis

OT Security Architecture Design and Implementation

OT Network Monitoring and Incident Response

OT Vulnerability Management

OT Endpoint Security

OT Security Awareness Training

OT Compliance and Regulatory Support

OT Secure Remote Access Solutions

OT Penetration Testing

OT Continuous Improvement and Maintenance

OT-IT Convergence

OT Cybersecurity Training and ┬áCertifications

OT Enclave's ICP team equipped with essential OT Cybersecurity certifications and fortified by extensive experience, provide the assurance that every facet of the OT Network is safeguarded against both current and evolving cyber risks.


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